A downloadable game for Windows

A small 64x64 game for LOWREZJAM 2020.

With the Magic Sword of Killing Anything in One Hit in hand, you have returned to Castle Demonstone.

But you can only take one hit as well! Dodge enemy attacks, vanquish the demon's minions, shatter the enchanted mirror, and reclaim the castle!

Move - Arrows or WASD
Wait - Space or Z

PeriTune Material - DungeonTowerRetro, Ominous3, Demise

Install instructions

To play, extract the .zip anywhere and run Demonstone64.exe.


Demonstone64_v1.zip 42 MB


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this game is for 32 bits or 64 bits ?

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this game is amazing it reminds me of disgaea i would definitely buy this if it had a story and full game 


What a great game! It feels well polished for a jam entry. And of course, good job in taking the 1st place! 


This game's fantastic.  It's simple, intuitive, creative, solid, smart, and fun.  It's everything a great game should be.  Please make a sequel to this.

This game won the LowRes GameJam.  This is definitely worth a play.  

Very nice! I suspect you took some inspiration from hoplite, as there are some similar ideas here.  Definitely stands out as its own experience though. Great work.

Oh wow this game was a lot of fun.  Short and sweet, this game is clearly from someone super talented and the music was pretty good too. Great job!

A very nice game. Adventure, strategy and much more! Good job, dude!

Fun got stuck after a while. It was fun while it lasted.

This is neat!  I like how you can predict the enemies movements, but still have to strategize a bit.  Clever!


Thanks! Glad you like it! : )