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very well made, super slick, really fun!

this game is for 32 bits or 64 bits ?

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this game is amazing it reminds me of disgaea i would definitely buy this if it had a story and full game 


What a great game! It feels well polished for a jam entry. And of course, good job in taking the 1st place! 


This game's fantastic.  It's simple, intuitive, creative, solid, smart, and fun.  It's everything a great game should be.  Please make a sequel to this.

This game won the LowRes GameJam.  This is definitely worth a play.  

Very nice! I suspect you took some inspiration from hoplite, as there are some similar ideas here.  Definitely stands out as its own experience though. Great work.

Oh wow this game was a lot of fun.  Short and sweet, this game is clearly from someone super talented and the music was pretty good too. Great job!

A very nice game. Adventure, strategy and much more! Good job, dude!

Fun got stuck after a while. It was fun while it lasted.

This is neat!  I like how you can predict the enemies movements, but still have to strategize a bit.  Clever!


Thanks! Glad you like it! : )