A downloadable game for Windows

You have the legendary artifact, the TWAIN AXE, which splits anything into TWO perfect copies! Use this power to guide Wayne Axe into the depths of the TWOMB.

Move - Arrow Keys
Axe - Spacebar
Reset Level - Escape


Made for United Game Jam 2020. The theme for the jam was "TWO" - split things into TWO with the Twain Axe!

Made in:

Created By:
Erik Singer
Sean Hayden

Music By:
PeriTune Material - 'Wonder2', 'Wonder3', 'Dungeon Tower'
Juhani Junkala - 'Stage Select', 'Stage 1'

Install instructions

To install, extract the .zip file and run the .exe within.


TwainAxe_v1.zip 33 MB


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I too give it a solid 2/2


I give it a 2/2.