Version 1.5.9: Big controller improvements!

Horizon's Gate has been updated for Steam Deck support, and in the process gets a complete controller overhaul that works on Windows too! (To use the new controller layout, make sure to reset your keybinds to Default!)

Additionally, saving and loading has been much improved - it's faster and takes up way less space! However, this came at a price: Horizon's Gate now requires .NET 4.5. This shouldn't lock any players out that I know of - but just in case it does, version 1.5.88 will remain available for download.

On top of that, there have been some big balance changes. Casters with delayed spells will greatly enjoy the time bonus reduction on the enemy's first round - landing spells will become more consistent rather than depending so much on the enemy's opening action. A handful of abilities and passives have been improved as well.


  • Horizon's Gate now requires .NET 4.5 (which will be automatically installed by Steam).
  • New saves will be stored as .zip files, taking up far less space and improving save/load times!


  • Enemy bonus Time to Act from not moving/acting is now halved during the first round of non-naval combat
  • Mechanist's 'Toss Medkit' range increased from 3 -> 4
  • Mechanist Traps and Turrets can no longer be broken by anything but explosions, earth, or physical attacks
  • Balancer's 'Ice Carapace' damage now scales slightly (1:0.25) with the recipient's Magic Attack and Ice Skill
  • Balancer's 'Ice Carapace' description updated to mention that it grants +1 Physical Defense
  • Balancer's 'Warmth' no longer reduces wind damage taken by 10%
  • Guardian's 'Blockade' now affects all adjacent targets instead of just one
  • Gladiator's 'Reckless' now grants +1 Physical Attack and -1 Physical Defense at all times and an additional +4 Physical Attack for 1 turn on combat start
  • Ignis Knight's 'Firewall' now also includes burning characters
  • Reduced Firebomb range by 1, and reduced amount of fire left behind on the ground
  • Salvage Station machine can no longer be broken by ice
  • Rare grove prizes are now limited to top tier equipment or Ability Tablets (no gems)
  • Spidests rebalanced: -1 Move, +20 HP, Jump Attack range reduced by -1 and can hit allies, Whirling Attack inflicts Itchy
  • Netchal 'RUIN' mode passive changed from Bulwark -> Imbue Momentum
  • Jarf 'RUIN' mode Time to Act bonus reduced from -3 -> -2
  • Entrailer 'RUIN' mode Time to Act bonus increased from 0 -> -2


  • Gossip no longer mentions the current month's trade special if it is past day 20 of the month
  • Fixed Aegis being consumed by any effect if the target has a debuff from a meal
  • Added delay between targets for Balancer's 'Force' to make multi-tile pushing more reliable
  • Party Inventory tab now properly greys out during combat when it is inaccessible
  • Pressing Stash/Cargo button now only alternates between tabs and does not dismiss the window
  • Added small animation to weapon selector UI when using a weapon
  • When you freeze a puddle it now disappears after a day
  • Fixed AI using Warmth to overwrite an ally's Ice Carapace and vice versa
  • Summoned objects like Puddles and Smoke Balm are now lowest priority when selecting items
  • Fixed being able to waste Stars on a 7th rank of Jump (Jump maxes out at 6)
  • Reduced lag when highlighting characters with large movement range in combat


  • Completely overhauled default Controller bindings - make sure to reset to Default to use these!
  • New binding for Menu - default: 'Start' (Cancel no longer opens the menu)
  • Improved "Ability Select" functionality - can now move to inventory on repeat presses or while holding items
  • Improved prompts for "Weapon Select" to reflect that (A) confirms an attack and (X) selects the other weapon
  • Added text prompts when holding a splittable stack of items or an equippable ship item
  • Controller can now delete saves, edit appearances, ships, and modify keybinds
  • Stats in the Class Window can be pointed at to view descriptions
  • Keybinds now has a separate 'clear' button and a timer for canceling (instead of Delete/Escape respectively)
  • After closing the journal from examining, or buying/selling an item, the cursor is returned to its original spot
  • Improved placement of Party Inventory window on small screens
  • Fixed various window focus issues
  • Fixed misbehaving cursor when dragging abilities or crew to reorder them
  • Fixed rare softlock where controller gets stuck in Examine mode


  • cloneFroms that reference non-existent data will now just not be loaded instead of crashing
  • Renamed "appendToGlobalVar_math" as "appendToGlobalVar_string" to match its functionality
  • Added "allWithinAoEofCaster" and "allWithinAoEofTarget" (ex: allWithinAoEofCasterburn)
  • Added extra GlobalAoEs with naming scheme "adjacentPlus1" instead of "adjacent+1" (so they can be used mid-formula)
  • Added GlobalAoEs "adjacentArc", "adjacentPlus1Arc", "adjacentAndSelf+2Arc", and so on with arc=true;
  • Added ItemType.specialProperty.bottomPriorityItemClickSearchOrder

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Nov 16, 2022

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