Voidspire v1.1 Patch Notes

It's been a while. I'm still working on a third new Tactics project, but while that's in progress, here are a few important bugfixes and some balance changes.


  • Fixed various minor tooltip typos and errors.
  • Fixed Rasmen flanking evasion bonus not working.
  • Fixed Humans not receiving an XP bonus after combat.
  • Fixed being able to teleport bookshelves with Gate: Item.
  • Fixed bug where re-entering the boat at certain times in the first zone would prevent progression.
  • Blade's 'Flash Cut' damage increased from 60% -> 75%
  • Increased Breaker's 'Break Armor' accuracy by 10%.
  • Reduced Spell Archon's 'Lightning Imbue' rank up duration bonus from 10 -> 6.
  • Increased Scholar's 'Prayer' base MP recovery, but reduced the Skill & Magic Attack scaling.
  • Reduced Sorcerer's 'Freeze' rank up duration bonus from 10 -> 5.

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Awesome! I'm still really looking forward to ____ Tactics 3!