Voidspire v1.2 Patch Notes

Time for a simple, but very important patch! I took the new movement system I've been working on and put it into Voidspire Tactics! Now your movement outside of combat is not restricted to the grid, and feels much more fluid. There are also a number of balance changes, including improvements to some less used passives.


  • Greatly improved player movement system so that it is no longer locked to the grid.
  • Fixed some secondary effects of certain statuses (such as Itchy) not being applied correctly.
  • Javelins and Throwing Axes now have infinite uses, but 1 less attack power. This also solves various bugs caused by using them with abilities such as Multishot or Piercing Shot.
  • Javelins and Throwing Axes can now be used with weapon-based abilities such as Fire Imbue.
  • Fixed Sorcerer's 'Fire Whirl' being unable to spawn on top of Fire.
  • Reduced Firebomb burn duration from 100 -> 60.
  • Reduced Sorcerer's 'Freeze' base duration by 5, and halved duration increase from Ice Skill.
  • Halved stun duration increase for Balancer's 'Shock' from Lightning Skill.
  • Halved stun duration increase for Spell Archon's 'Lightning Imbue' from Lightning Skill.
  • Increase 'Meditative' and 'Defensive' passives' bonus from +2 -> +3 defense.
  • Scholar's 'Elementary' passive now only makes positive elemental statuses last +50% longer.
  • Changed Undead's RUIN mode passive from Ruin Aura to Meditative.
  • Added a timer that forces AI to end their turn after 40 seconds, in case something goes wrong.
  • Fixed edge case where Morin & Liss would not get new equipment if you sold so many items that it completely filled their inventory.
  • Fixed Corpryst Hammer not being craftable.

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I do like these improvements/bug fixes - although I think some of these nerfs are a little disappointing. I really love the timer and movement additions though!

Admitedly I did use the stun skill from Spell Archon a lot but I don't remember the duration even being that long to be a problem.