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Horizon's Gate

Voyage into the wide world of Eral as an explorer, trader, or privateer. · By Rad Codex


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Version 1.5.83: Deploying improvements
More fixes, better conveyor belts, and a new Glow Dart item just for fun. FEATURES Added 'Glow Dart' item made from Gloam Shroom Chunk and Dart Toxic Powder can...
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Version 1.5.81: Ability & economy tweaks
Time for the first patch of 2022! Alongside minor tweaks to Shiftcloak and Sage abilities, there are some subtle but impactful changes to trade. Maxing out a po...
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Version 1.5.7: Big Hand Mode
For those of you with big screens - finally you can embiggen the cursor to match! There is a new checkbox in the options menu to double cursor size. 1.5.7 Added...
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Version 1.5.6: Critical passive bugfix
Since v1.5.5, casting has been interrupted any time a Counter or Critical passive would potentially trigger. Time to fix that and a few other small things! FIXE...
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Version 1.5.5: Pushing bugfixes
Finally squashed some very annoying bugs! Particularly, the bug where characters can sometimes 'bounce' off hazards when pushed should now be fixed! Also import...
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Version 1.5.4: Minimum XP
To alleviate grinding when raising up green crew, there is now a "Minimum XP" level that increases based on your allies' XP gains! And the Breaker's 'Shatter' a...
Version 1.5.3: Interface items
A few more fixes along with some convenience features for sailing. Having the Guide Chrysolit or Pocketwatch anywhere in your possession (in the Stash or held b...
Version 1.5.2: Scourging more bugs
More fixes for more bugs! As well as some fun improvements to utility passives and some attack power for utility triggers. FEATURES Rogue's 'Stealth-sense' now...
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If I install through the desktop client, the game will not run. Hitting launch will flash a small box briefly on...
started by Jun 04, 2021
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Hi there. I saw Nook play this, looks cute and I like sea themed games. Do you have any plans for a Linux build? Is it t...
started by murks Mar 16, 2020
6 replies
Hi! I'm very interested in playing your game, but unfortunately don't have a PC. Are there any plans for a Switch (or iO...
started by kormakur Jan 27, 2021
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