Version 1.0.6 Patch Notes

Time for a big patch! All the way up to 1.0.6, as the first five were very small patches that did not get pushed to

The largest change is that fossils and plants can now be picked up. These items are still only used for research, really, but it's good for collectors.

Here is the complete list of all the patch changes:

  • Fossils can now be picked up. (Still only useful for research though!)
  • Plants can now be plucked and sold for a small amount (usually around $60). They may be useful for something else in the future.
  • Increased Glacier Downwind & Upwind by +1
  • Increased Volskarver (charged) power by +2
  • Crescent spears now only perform a sweep attack at max range
  • Fixed XP not being distributed to boarder crew after a successful boarding combat
  • Fixed delayed Stormshot abilities not working with crossbows
  • Fixed occasional guild quest crash
  • Dojos now autosave before and after the fight
  • Fixed faction escorts lasting forever
  • Fixed pulling allies while atop Amnitorsks potentially causing drowning
  • Fixed crash when boarding an Ice Reaver
  • Fixed Zoar Bats persisting after boarding ends if summoned during boarding
  • Fixed being able to build up boost speed by repeatedly exiting and entering ports
  • Added extra error handling at the end of boarding combats
  • Added crash prevention on main menu if save data loads incorrectly
  • Fixed 'index out of bounds' crash during sailing
  • Removed evasion penalty from Cleever Impaler
  • Fixed crash when dragging cargo into the Crew window
  • Added 'Dyslexic-friendly Font' option for dialog
  • Fixed crash if you start a new game then delete all saves
  • Fixed crash when all your ships are sunk by a humanoid-manned enemy fleet
  • Fixed rare crash when requesting a guild job
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in the corners of Towerwall while sailing

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