Version Patch Notes

Another patch, from a combination of smaller patches, all the way up to!


  • Controller Support! All important functions are implemented. Please send feedback for future improvements!
    • NOTE: When using only the controller, you still cannot:
      • Type names or notes
      • Navigate the Keybinds menu
      • Delete save files
  • Added possible gossip about the location of class trainers you haven't unlocked
  • If your current quest is to hunt pirates, gossip is now more likely to be about pirate locations
  • Hovering a character now automatically brings up their stats window
    • Clicking a character now locks the target stats window on them until you click something else
  • Character tooltips now always show status effects (even if not holding the "Show Tooltips" button)
  • Buying stackable infinite-stock items now brings up a quantity slider (max 99)
  • Organize now sorts items by category, value, and name. (Thanks rcfox!)
  • Added more detail to error logs


  • Reduced Wilderi attack bonus from +2 -> +1, but increased back defense from 30% -> 35%
  • Bat Handler's 'Batling' passive now also grants +5% Accuracy
  • Bat Handler's 'Tamer' passive now affects adjacent creatures when you end your turn instead of creatures hit by weapon attacks
  • Reduced 'Prayer' Magic Attack scaling from 40% -> 25%
  • Increased Magic Attack and Skill damage scaling of 'Inferno', 'Lightning', 'Gate: Magma', and 'Gate: Storm' from 100% -> 120%
  • Reduced base duration of Warden's 'Guard' by 10t and Warden's 'Ward' by 20t
  • Increased XP cost of higher ranks of Frost & Gust
  • Increase Dominio ships' minimum crew from 3 -> 4
  • Increase Dual Strike and Thousand Fists damage from 30% -> 50%
  • Added larger, but less $-efficient 'Essence Gems' as a port wealth level unlockable (new games only)
  • Reduced Life Skill scaling of Lifeshards from 1:1 -> 1:0.5
  • Changed Arc Greatsword elemental damage scaling from 1:1 -> 1:0.5
  • Reorganized fleet starting positions so that ship #4 isn't blocked by its allies
  • Max royal rank now only increases Donation favor by x1.5
  • Max royal rank now only increases Favor gain with your faction
  • Reduced Favor penalty of cancelling a royal quest from -10 -> -5
  • Attacking your own nation's fleets now incurs twice the Favor penalty
  • Removed certain too-hard-to-find items from Royal quest item pool.
  • Party members now recover all lost Max HP before fighting the final boss


  • Fixed cannons not properly taking Crew Morale into account for damage
  • Fixed being able to go to previous dialog lines while turning in discoveries
  • Fixed exiting Mold Blockage putting you on the wrong side of it
  • Fixed crash on beating the game and returning to the main menu
  • Fixed Rasmen getting higher than front-facing evasion when attacked from certain angles
  • Fixed sell value of stacks of items not matching displayed value * quantity
  • Fixed moored ships acquired by boons being overwritten by future boon ships of the same type
  • Fixed Megabomb being able to explode certain doors out of existence
  • Fixed ship speed display showing during combat
  • Fixed gossips mentioning inaccessible cities when giving hints about quest goals
  • Fixed being able to obliterate items using a Bin
  • Fixed slightly glitchy buried iron around Fossils (fixed for new games only)
  • Fixed crash when fighting Iomar Varley's fleet
  • Fixed Water Trigger's damage being reduced by Stone Savant
  • Fixed moored ships getting replaced by new ships of the same type that were acquired from the same source
  • Fixed non-interactive loot stash in Abandoned Hovel
  • Fixed royal quests asking for trade goods available at the Capital
  • Fixed allied Zoar Bats' irrational hatred of the Salvage machine
  • Fixed dragging a Crafting Kit onto a material causing the resulting item to crash when augmented
  • Fixed XP Multiplier applying to base hires
  • Fixed moored ships becoming immune to the effects of having low crew
  • Fixed crash when boarding Towership with Boarding Corvus
  • Fixed crash when the game tries to spawn a fleet with no available commodores
  • Fixed rounding error making trade goods less profitable when sold in bulk
  • Fixed gusts, rubble, brambles, etc. occasionally being picked up and added to player inventory when moved through
  • Fixed NPC fleets being able to carry cargo loads far beyond their capabilities
  • Fixed being able to use consumables with permanent benefits on multiple party members
  • Fixed Deliver Letter quests being able to select non-guild locations as the goal
  • Crew now unequip items properly when dismissed at a cafe.
  • Trade goods sold by fleets now incorporate location to determine price

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