Version new Class, new Guild quest, new locations!

The first big patch is ready! It brings a new class - the Mechanist - a new guild quest, and two new locations, one of which is a dungeon!

The Mechanist sets up complex battlefield contraptions by deploying turrets, walls, conveyor belts, traps, and medkits!


  • Added new Mechanist class!
  • Added new 'Salvage Shipwreck Cargo' Guild quest that asks you to find a hidden shipwreck using a treasure map!
  • New location: Mirrin Farms
  • New location: Mobile Workshop


  • Changed enemy combat start time bonus range from +10 to +16 -> +9 to +15
  • Swashbuckler's 'Bolt Balestra' main damage increased from 70% -> 80%
  • Balancer's 'Force' base range increased from 4 -> 5
  • Balancer's 'Force' rank ups now grant +1 target instead of +1 range
  • Krakenslayer's 'Jump Strike' MP cost increased from 4 -> 6
  • Krakenslayer's 'Jump Strike' range reduced by 1
  • Krakenslayer's 'Static' MP cost reduced from 7 -> 5
  • Ravager's 'Revel' duration increased from 40t -> 50t
  • Gatekeeper's 'Gate: Magma', 'Gate: Storm', 'Gate: Flood', and 'Gate: Sky' MP costs reduced by 1
  • Stormshot's 'Spiral Current' accuracy bonus increased from +1% -> +1.5%
  • Lifeshard range reduced from 4 -> 3


  • When investing in other factions' 'ever loyal' ports, you no longer lose favor with the port's owner
  • Fixed Battle Anchor being considered a bladed weapon
  • Fixed 'Organize' sorting incorrectly
  • Fixed player ship not being loaded on main menu after beating the game
  • Fixed enemy ships never moving after using Swivel Gun or Spine Launcher
  • Fixed irregular Date/Time formats causing a crash on the Save/Load Menu
  • Fixed Admiral getting a turn during a cutscene if KO'd by a damage over time effect
  • Fixed Decay showing 100% chance to hit against enemies immune to it


  • DialogNodes and TerrainTypes can now be overwritten and/or refreshed with Ctrl+R
  • Fixed loadSpecialZone() not checking for zones in the Mods folder
  • Added ActorClassReaction, SupportAbilityReaction, SupportAbilityEffect support
  • Added example file for a SupportAbility mod
  • Fixed mod classes not properly expanding the class window

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