Version 1.1.4: new dungeon, new banner, many fixes!

Horizon's Gate now has a new and vastly improved banner image!

Thanks to the extremely talented Grace Liu for this beautiful artwork - Reeve and Hagger have never looked better! You can see more of her art here.

With it comes a new dungeon, more pirates, and some bugfixes! The dungeon is a multi-floor tower. This patch also includes changes from a number of other small patches.



  • New location: Sunken Balkaloth
  • Increased reward for Salvage guild quests by +$200
  • Maximum pirate fleets now increases from 2 to 4 over the course of 200 days
  • Blunderbuss and Scout Rifle now can be reloaded (but not fired) with one hand
  • Fleet battles now show exactly who got how much XP at the end
  • Added detailed profit breakdown in tooltip when selling trade goods
  • Defeating a sea monster 'fleet' now spawns a gust in the overworld where they were
  • Weapons are now automatically reloaded at the start of each Arena round
  • Elementalist's 'Firewalker' now heals from walking in fire/acid/electric water
  • Fleeing land combat from the same enemies repeatedly now incurs a ramping Combat Fame and Crew Morale penalty.
  • Increased duration of most cafe food effects by roughly 50%
  • Added some NPC responses to certain player actions in port (Only for players who haven't visited the ports before the patch)
  • Added royal dialog if your faction takes over almost every port in Eral
  • Added a unique greeting for each temple
  • Added a few more variations for Reeve's "What should we do next?" dialog
  • Added unlockable 'Timed Hits mode' after beating the game (already unlocked if you have beaten the game)


  • Reduced Sea Monster spawn rate by about 5%
  • Slightly increased XP reward for sinking Megarays and slightly decreased XP for sinking Shellships
  • Life Trigger now correctly scales with Life Skill/Magic Attack additively instead of multiplicatively
  • Lifeshards no longer arc over characters (now behaves like a Dart instead of a Bow)
  • Reduced Magic Attack and Skill damage scaling of Scholar's 'Gust' from 100% -> 80%
  • Reduced MP cost of Gatewarder's 'Gate: Avalanche' from 9 -> 7
  • Halved Magic Attack and Skill duration scaling of Warden's 'Guard' and 'Ward'
  • Reduced rank up duration increase of Warden's 'Guard' from +15t -> +10t
  • Halved Magic Attack and Skill duration scaling of Elementalist's 'Freeze' and Unmaker's 'Wither'
  • Halved Magic Attack and Skill duration scaling of Defiler's 'Brainshock' but increased base duration by 4t
  • Reduced duration of Breaker's 'Break Arms' disable by 7t
  • Minstrel's 'War Ballad' duration now also scales with Life Skill (but Magic Attack scaling is halved)
  • Re-added Cleever Impaler's -3% Dodge penalty and Omnipode's +1 Skill bonus
  • Warpblade's 'Gate: Slam' base range reduced from 4 -> 3


  • Added journal entry for Turrets
  • Fixed having certain gamepads plugged in making the keyboard unresponsive
  • Fixed Guard protecting against Break Weapon and Break Armor
  • Fixed crash if you run out of possible royal quests by defecting
  • Fixed animation delay on 'Thousand Fists', 'Dual Strike', and 'Shield Bash' causing them to miss on attacks that push
  • Fixed crash when moving cargo onto Crew window when looting a fleet
  • Fixed gossip about quest items not checking items in locations you've never visited
  • Fixed Dialog Speed option not being saved
  • Fixed certain roofs not showing shadows or walls underneath
  • Fixed Rain and Storm effects persisting when entering Gale Ravine
  • Fixed shorter Morale/Poison effects reducing the duration of existing Morale/Poison effects
  • Fixed Decay not overriding Regen effects
  • Fixed Bat Handler's 'Zoarnado' not being a Physical attack
  • Fixed investments in Dunning-Mars reducing favor with Seartial (fixed for new games only)
  • Fixed AI sometimes choosing suboptimal targets (especially with area of effect spells)
  • Fixed facing-based effects (Valiant, Backstabber, etc.) not calculating consistently at 45° angles
  • Fixed Mobile Workshop furnace not working
  • Fixed Bone Crossbow's Ruin bonus not properly unequipping if the weapon was fired (thanks rcfox!)
  • Fixed delayed 'mid-air' abilities such as Blast Shot being cancelled if the caster becomes unable to act
  • Fixed Omnipode or Volskarver duplicating when thrown with Hurl Weapon
  • Fixed Volskarver's prices being inconsistent


  • Fixed Ctrl+R crash with DialogNodeOverride mods
  • DialogOption mods now overwrite existing DialogOptions if the ID, text, and formulaReq all match
  • Ctrl+R no longer crashes with mod GlobalTriggers
  • Added support and example file for FormulaGlobal mods
  • Added support for songs in the Mods directory. (Song filenames must start with "Song-".)
  • Added cloneFrom support for ActorTypes and ActorClasses
  • Lists can now be cleared in definitions by preceding it with a '!' character (Ex: "!actions=Mec_setTurret" would clear the actions list before adding 'Mec_setTurret'.)
  • Overwriting a Zone now backs up the overwritten zone and puts it in a 'Backup' folder. Only 1 backup is kept.
  • Added support for FXData, drawOrderFX, and drawOrderFXLight (check out ModSamples/FXsamples.txt)
  • Triggers can now list multiple elements in triggeredByElement.
  •  Implemented 'GlobalTriggerEffect', which adds a TriggerEffect to the specified GlobalTrigger (via ID=triggerID;).

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