Version 1.1.52: New elementalist passive!

New update, with a new passive for the Elementalist! Some other significant changes include morale/trade balancing and a handful of new dialogs.


  • New Elementalist passive 'Zeal'
  • Reduced crew morale decay for longer sailing trips by about 12%
  • Can now flee from combat if you are very far away or neither side acts
  • Fixed investments giving less Wealth Level than intended when crossing 70% or 90% thresholds
  • Can now zoom the map using the mousewheel while hovering the mouse over the map
  • Reduced Bullion value from $150 -> $120 (max stock adjusted to compensate)
  • Increased flat trade good value increase from $0.05 -> $0.12 per tile distance
  • Fixed Reeve/Hagger cafe dialog for Bette Sands never showing
  • Added new Reeve/Hagger cafe dialog for Ash Port, Dunning-Mars, and Port Midos
  • Fixed Steel Crescent, Silver Crescent, and Thresher Trident doing damage in a wide area when used with Shockwave, Hurl Weapon, or Gate: Trick
  • Fixed getting stuck inside obstacles if you put them where you would normally enter the area
  • (Modding) Missing textures (such as after uninstalling a mod) no longer crash
  • (Modding) Added support for ActorValue mods (see ModSamples/ActorValueSample.txt)
  • (Modding) Added support for SpawnData mods
  • (Modding) Added support for SpecialSpawn mods
  • (Modding) Added support for Faction mods
  • (Modding) FormulaGlobal mods can now reference the formula they are overriding
  • (Modding) Location mods can now use cloneFrom
  • (Modding) Mods are now also refreshed anytime you leave the main menu. (NOTE: Refreshing mods does not REMOVE effects of mods, only updates them!)
  • (Modding) SupportAbility mods can now use cloneFrom

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