Version 1.1.73: bugfixes, better Ironclad & Full-Rigged

Big bugfix patch incoming! Also featuring improvements to Ironclad and Full-rigged, as well as various other balance changes.


  • Full-rigged's Downwind increased from +1 -> +2
  • Ironclad's Downwind increased from +1 -> +2 and value reduced from $45,000 -> $40,000
  • Glacier's value increased from $35,500 -> $40,000
  • Blackwing Galleass' value increased from $33,500 -> $36,000
  • Critical Recovery healing reduced from 20% -> 15% HP
  • Critical Recovery healing is now based on 'true' Max HP instead of being reduced by KO penalties
  • Increased Zoar Bat attack damage by +1
  • Increased Gate: Avalanche base damage by +1 and Magic Attack scaling by +20%
  • Buffs are now dispelled when entering a dojo
  • Reduced XP reward decay for very common enemies such as Cleever or Spides
  • Negate status now also negates weapon augments
  • Reduced world domination dialog requirement from holding 26 ports to holding 25 ports
  • Bauen now has 'Bulwark' passive
  • Sailor's 'Smellingsalts' can now be ranked up to also grant +10t
  • Warrior's 'Combat Ready' duration reduced from 70t -> 50t


  • Attempted fix for AI targeting tiles outside their allowed range
  • Attempted fix for music GC load error
  • Moving an ally's corpse outside of combat now revives them instead
  • Slightly changed Gate: Sky damage delay to make it more reliably hit enemies that are pulled
  • Fixed Critical passives not triggering when a secondary hit brings the target into critical condition
  • Fixed AI being able to move if they become Immobilized during their action
  • Fixed secondary crew inventory window position not being saved
  • Fixed obnoxious flickering if an invisible ally is holding a light source
  • Fixed light sometimes appearing through solid walls
  • Fixed Shift Stab being able to put the caster inside other characters in certain situations
  • Fixed final boss being able to be displaced by party members or items when it spawns
  • Attempted fix at Admiral or his allies sneakily getting extra turns during cutscenes
  • Fixed Bauen getting crushed into the wall if the player starts the cutscene while in the way
  • Fixed being able to loot some cargo even if all enemy ships flee
  • Fixed Conveyor Belt range being reduced by difficult terrain
  • Fixed item summoning abilities (such as Set Trap or Fire Whirl) sometimes showing selectable tiles where the item can't fit
  • Fixed Galf's allies interrupting his speech and going straight to combat if they detect you
  • Fixed rare case where a moored ship becomes uninteractive until the game is restarted


  • AvAffecters with actorValue=task; now pass in the XY of the target tile to the Task, and pass in strings, bools, etc. like dialog specialEffects do
  • New Task 'addItemToContainer' that adds an item of sValue1 type (of quantity fValue1) to the first container (of sValue2 type if specified) found at XY
  • Fixed travel trigger positioning issues with mod procedural content (thanks rcfox!)
  • New examples in SupportAbilitySamples.txt added support for Palette name mods (Example: [Palette] ID=newpalettename; num=#;)
  • Added new Light property "palette", which allows non-textured lights to affect palette instead of lighting
  • Added "_added_temp" global vars for tracking added setPieces, which are reset after each procgen world

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