Version 1.2.0: establish ports, info shops, elite arena, & more!

A huge update is ready with new features, a new dungeon, a new enemy type, and some graphical improvements! Check out the specifics below:


  • You can now 'Establish' your own towns at Supply Ports!
    • Build your choice of structures, including a Home, Cafe, Shipwright, Harbor, Smithy, Museum, and more.
    • Assign crew to tend buildings, earning you cash and earning them XP while you're away. (They cannot earn this XP if their total XP exceeds the main character's total XP.)
    • Customize your port by renaming it, recoloring it, and changing the music to your liking.

  • New "Information" shops in each capital! (NOTE: New games only!)
  • Pay for an investigation of:
    • Fleet positions
    • Nearest undiscovered location
    • Port investment unlocks
    • Missed creature journal entries
    • Upcoming trade specials

  • Redens' Arena now only awards an Ability Crest for your first victory. Subsequent victories give Essence Gems. (Pre-existing saves will get one last Ability Crest the next time they beat the arena)
  • New 'Elite Arena' (accessible after you beat the regular arena once) where you fight twice as many enemies. Rewards twice the cash, and gives Ability Crests as the grand prize

  • New location: Frostbite Cave
  • Gladiator's 'Swift' has been reworked to pierce Guard and ignore counter attacks, but only gain +5% Accuracy (increased by +5% per rank)

  • Added 'Netchal' enemy type and 'Itchy Barbs' item, found in hard Monster Dens
  • Added additional 'insect group' hard Monster Den encounter
  • Added support for Paste (Ctrl+V) into text fields
  • Holding Left/Right keys now quickly moves through text fields


  • Damage numbers now use background icons, and now have an icon for Physical damage

  • Added background texture to parchment windows
  • Improved magnifying glass graphics for 'Look' mode


  • Increased Spidest defenses by +1
  • Dispel and Cure no longer affect buffs or debuffs from Cafe food
  • Greatly reduced the number of Sleep Darts arena combatants can get


  • Items pushed by abilities now move according the indicator arrows instead of diagonally
  • Fixed bug where losing the Arena would disable autosaving after combat
  • Fixed Zoar not being immune to ground-based attacks
  • Fixed world domination dialog not working for Seartial
  • Fixed dropped items being able to stack onto buried items of the same type
  • Fixed ships bouncing off of certain locations instead of entering
  • Fixed crash if you drown while alone


  • New 'formulas' console command that lists all globalFormulas
  • Added TaskType.UIPartInputCommand which calls handleUIPartInput_command()
  • DataManager.checkIfZoneExistsInZoneData() now checks mod content correctly


  • Fixed missing Monster Den set pieces
  • Fixed training dummies being pushable
  • Pushing or pulling a brazier now knocks it over
  • Left/Right journal buttons now 'scroll' through grid pages

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I'm still kinda blown away and really glad you are still working on this. Thanks for the updates :D