Version 1.2.03: Itchy Monster Dens

Here comes a big mechanical change - Itchy and Guard are now mutually exclusive! Now those little Spides and Netchals can really disrupt your defenses. (Several Itchy-inflicting enemies have had their stats adjusted to compensate.)

Additionally, there is now a 3rd level of Monster Den with some seriously deadly encounters:


  • Itchy now REPLACES Guard, and vice versa!
  • Added a 3rd level of Monster Dens for $3000 with 3 possible encounter types. Only available with >700 combat fame
  • Added 'Skip Intro' checkbox when starting a new game (unlocked after beating the game once)
  • Pushing an object that blocks walking into another obstacle now deals damage to both


  • Training Ground daily XP bonus increased from +1.5xp -> +2.5xp
  • Museum daily income reduced by ~6%
  • Balancer's 'Stonefoot' base duration reduced by 10t
  • Bloodweaver attack power reduced by -2
  • Bitfly attack power increased by +1, and an additional +2 in RUIN mode
  • Bitflies now only have 'Bristling Setae' passive in RUIN mode


  • Objects pushed by abilities should now be properly blocked by obstacles
  • Fixed Splitworms turning invisible when Frozen
  • Fixed 'secret' (i.e. non-quest) Lost Shipwrecks having no loot (new games only)
  • Fixed shield dodge bonus not recalculating when support abilities are (un)equipped
  • Fixed crash when holding both a cargo and a non-cargo item over your open Stash


  • Mods no longer refresh automatically (fixes certain methods of modding causing stacking effects)
  • Fixed trigger window buttons getting desynced after reorganizing trigger effects
  • added new tasks "travel_point_g", "appendToGlobalVar", "appendToGlobalVar_math"
  • "endBoarding" task now sends to 'sValue' zone if specified
  • Added string ActorValue.bubbleIcon
  • Added SpawnDataSample.txt, which explains how to create SpawnData.


  • Fixed 'Pushable Staircase' not being pushable


  • Fixed investigators altering the real XY position of locations when converting them to Lat/Long format
  • Museum income now only counts the most valuable item on each table tile
  • Silence is now removed when a character is KO'd
  • Fixed being able to acquire items from dojo combatants by carrying their body

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