Version 1.3.5: Engine upgrade! Now using FNA & 64-bit only!

I put it off as long as I could, but I finally made the big technical change required for further development - Horizon's Gate now runs on FNA, and from here on, it is ONLY 64-bit!


Horizon's Gate has been converted from XNA to FNA! What does this mean exactly?

  • Development on Horizon's Gate and any future games using the same engine can continue!
  • XNA was extremely difficult to set up on new computers - now I can work on it from anywhere.
  • I'm no longer screwed if the one single computer I had XNA on dies!
  • I can finally use modern tools! With XNA I was locked into using Visual Studio 2010.
  • Porting to other platforms is still very unlikely, but is now technically possible.
    • (There's still a ton of work and testing required for any port, so don't get your hopes up)

Additionally, Horizon's Gate is now a 64-bit ONLY app.

  • Why? Because 32-bit apps have a hard memory limit which I was hitting. Now I can add new images, sounds, and songs!


  • Ravager's 'Despair' base MP drain increased from 1 -> 4
  • Warrior's 'Battlecry' base accuracy increased by 20%
  • Gatewarder's 'Gate: Shield' ranks now grant +10t duration instead of +1 max range
  • Warden's 'Enduring Negate' passive protection increased to 1 + half your Life skill


  • Fixed Revel duration being 5t instead of 50t
  • Fixed resolution settings showing when using Borderless Fullscreen mode
  • Fixed weather effects stopping after the second scene of the intro
  • Fixed Hagger not automatically joining the landing party when hired
  • Fixed crash when opening class window after uninstalling a class mod you had equipped


  • (Modding) comments "--" can now be added after code in the same line
  • (Modding) Added special error detection for mods that identifies some missing semicolons for the modder
  • (Modding) Fixed XP drain attacks not working
  • (Modding) Added console command 'listfx' which displays a list of all FX

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