Version 1.3.7: Cannon upgrades

To try to create some more variety of tactics in ship encounters, I've upped the power of a lot of 'non-traditional' ship weapons, such as Cyclone Blasters and Freeze Cannons.

The Blunderbuss' splash damage has also been taken down a notch, as its extreme synergy with Multishot was completely shredding everything. It still shreds, but other ranged weapons should be better able to compete now.


  • Harpoon damage increased from 2 -> 3
  • Grapeshot range increased from 3 -> 4
  • Chain Shot range increased from 2 -> 3
  • Cyclone Blaster now also inflicts -1 Move for a turn
  • Freeze Cannon now also inflicts -1 Move for a turn and creates ice floes under targets
  • Blunderbuss power increased from 10 -> 12, but splash damage reduced by 50%
  • Javelins and Throwing Axes now work with abilities such as Trip Up and Poison Tip
  • Halved Magic Attack and Skill scaling of Warden's 'Guard' duration
  • Improved rock wall graphics
  • Puddles and frozen puddles can no longer spawn on Hatches
  • Increased chance of rare rewards on Salvage Station from 400t onward from 7.5% -> 21%
  • Disabled mod warnings if debugMode is not enabled
  • Fixed default config files not being included in fresh installs
  • (Modding) Added ItemType.cantFitInTileWith which lists items that the ItemType can't be placed on
  • (Modding) Added ActorValue "actable" which enables or disables acting if applied to the current turn actor

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