Version 1.3.84: Mods window + balance changes!

Horizon's Gate now has an in-game mods window for toggling and changing mod load order! Check it out:

There are also lots of balance changes, such as a Rasmen buff, Bat Handler buff, and Hammer nerf, among others.


  • New 'Mods' Window that allows you to directly view, toggle, reorder, and visit the site of each mod
  • Increased available Formation Phase tiles around the rear character by 1
  • Added separate journal bookmark for Goals page
  • Crossbow reloading now shows a confirm/cancel prompt
  • Your currently equipped cannon's range is now always highlighted while moving in naval combat


  • Hammer accuracy penalty increased from -10% -> -15%
  • Rasmen's minimum Dodge when flanked bonus increased from 8% -> 12%
  • Increased Bat Handler's 'Summon Zoar' base range from 2 -> 3
  • 'Summon Zoar' ranks now grant +5t to the Zoar per rank instead of increasing range
  • 'Summon Zoar' max ranks increased from 3 -> 5
  • Enchanter's 'Siphon Enchant' now grants a +2 bonus but does not remove the enchantment
  • 8-Finger Knuckle now also has -8% Accuracy
  • Swashbuckler's 'Mug' base morale duration increased from 50 -> 70
  • Krakenslayer's 'Static' base damage increased from 6 -> 8
  • 'Defensive' and 'Meditative' XP costs reduced from 150 -> 120
  • 'Pensive' XP cost reduced from 200 -> 150
  • Minibombs can no longer arc over characters (now behaves like a Dart instead of a Bow)
  • Reduced Minibomb base damage from 20 -> 18, and Fire Skill scaling from 1:1 -> 1:0.5
  • Adjusted starting positions of enemies in Tsavor's Dojo


  • Reduced delay of Aspect minion death effects
  • Changed Shield item 'power' icon to better convey that it affects attack damage instead of defense
  • Added dialog if player leaves port with duplicate ship weapons equipped
  • Added dialog if player leaves port with no ship weapons equipped, but they have some in cargo
  • Gatekeeper's 'Voidlight' tooltip now mentions that it also reduces Blind duration
  • Fixed 'Elemental Fury' duration being inconsistent for different types of enchantments
  • Fixed 'Jobs' dialog option missing at Guilds while having a partially completed royal quest
  • Fixed 'Melee Momentum' on enemies using the last player character's position to determine damage
  • Fixed certain rotated items on tables being mistakenly selected when clicking the tile above them
  • Fixed augments within armor applying their benefits when the armor is held in hand
  • Fixed using boat-style damage number icon for Move on non-boats
  • Fixed not being able to scroll up on Save/Load menu with controller
  • Fixed clicking on specific journal entry going to the wrong page if you had a lot of journal entries
  • Can now scroll through journal entries with controller


  • Mod loading crashes now specify which mod and what data type was loading when it crashed
  • Actor.aggressiveness now slightly affects AI positioning in combat
  • Added "crewxp" task that gives XP to all player crew
  • Added 'resetprocgen' command that resets all Groves and Monster Dens
  • Added Action property "FXOnTargetTime"
  • Added AvAffecter properties "FXOnTileTime", "FXOnHitTime", "FXOnMissTime"

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