Version 1.4: new procedural dungeon, Ability Tablets, cafe talks, and more!

A major content update is here, with a brand new port and attached dungeon! The dungeon is five levels deep, procedurally generated, and can be ventured into as many times as you want. At its bottom is a new kind of item: Ability Tablets! There are also tons of balance changes, new dialog, and a new trade mechanic!

Here are the details:


  • New port: Ahlvarza!
  • This port contains a repeatable 5-level procedural dungeon filled with new enemies!
  • Delve in as far in as you can - Ranuz will pull you out with a 'Gate device' if you fall in battle.

  •  New item: 'Ability Tablets'! Every class ability has a corresponding Ability Tablet.

    • They can be equipped as an accessory or weapon/armor augment.
    • Tablets grant +1 rank to the chosen ability, even going beyond max rank! (for most abilities)
    • When equipped as an Accessory, they can be used to cast the ability, even without equipping the class.
    • Can be found at the end of the new dungeon, or as rare finds at the Salvage Station and certain groves.
    • Only one tablet of each ability can be found (no duplicates).

  •  Bored of the same old cafe chatter? Now you can ask Reeve about most journal entries!

    • 100+ new conversations!
    • Reeve will now chat every time you eat at the cafe, instead of skipping consecutive days.
    • "I wanted to ask something about you" options now disappear after the dialogs have been viewed.

  •  New trade mechanic: Market Rate!
    • Each port starts at 100% Market Rate.
    • Sell value of trade goods is multiplied by Market Rate.
    • Selling trade goods lowers Market Rate (to a minimum of 50%).
    • NPC fleet visits increase Market Rate (to a maximum of 120%).
    • Each day Market Rate shifts toward 100%.  Ports with higher wealth level and more nearby allied ports will recover from low rates faster.

  •  Trade goods now only sell for half value at non-port locations
  • Increased all maximum trade good stock by 10%
  • Selling trade goods at their port of origin now re-adds them to the port inventory
  • Added dedicated 'Crew Inventory' button
  • You can now convert XP into Stars (1000:1) at player-established Training Grounds
  • Overworld discovery range increased by +1 for non-port locations
  • Crew spawns at cafes now select randomly from the port list, instead of in order, increasing crew diversity
  • New ship added as investment unlock at Trabenton (NOTE: only for games that haven't visited Trabenton yet!)
  • New equipment added as investment unlocks at Bette Sands, Wraele, Fivili, Crubtown, Luss (NOTE: only for games that haven't visited those ports yet!)


  •  Gatekeeper's 'Gate: Magma', 'Gate: Storm', 'Gate: Flood', and 'Gate: Sky' can now be cast directly on obstacles
  • Sailor's 'Heave' and 'Rope' now can't miss allies
  • Sailor's 'Rope' now gains accuracy from Fist Skill instead of using weapon accuracy
  • Elementalist's 'Windslash' base damage increased by +1
  • Gatewarder's 'Gate: Barrage' MP cost increased from 7 -> 9
  •  'Preserve' status now protects against the Max HP penalty from being KO'd
  •  Chain Shot damage increased by +1
  • All Greatswords now have 2 augment slots
  • Ice Carapace now ignores half Magic Defense and half target's Ice Skill
  • Ruin Aura Magic Attack and Ruin Skill scaling reduced from 1:1 -> 1:0.5
  • Ruin Aura now ignores half Magic Defense and half target's Ruin Skill
  • Reduced base healing of Bandages from 18 -> 16
  • Reduced base healing of Splints from 20 -> 18
  • Bandage and Splint Life Skill scaling changed from just caster 1:1 -> caster and target 1:0.25 each
  • Reduced base healing of Lifeshards from 14 -> 12
  • Reduced Lifeshard Life Skill scaling for both caster and target from 1:0.5 -> 1:0.25
  • Increased value of Grubhusk from $15 -> $18
  • Absorbent Mesh price reduced from $2500 -> $1500
  • Anti-Boarding Net price reduced from $500 -> $250
  • Gossip now only mentions location coordinates after reaching 200+ exploration fame
  • Salvage Shipwreck job base reward increased from $1150 -> $1250
  • Morale boost of most +Element cafe foods increased by +1%
  • Ships with a minimum crew of 1 no longer suffer the normal cannon damage penalty for having only 1 crew
  • Defeating a pirate fleet now also gives +1 favor with all 3 nations
  • Burst Pod and Blast Pod damage now ignore half Physical Defense
  • Burst Pod, Sickly Pod, and Blast Pod now explode when struck by Wind (which means they can explode each other, causing chain reactions)
  • Reduced XP cost of Sage's 'Green Touch' from 350 -> 275
  • Increased XP cost of Sage's 'Critical Recovery' from 250 -> 400
  • Reduced XP cost of Ravager's 'Indomitable' from 400 -> 250
  • Reduced XP cost of Balancer's 'Geomancy' from 600 -> 500
  • Increased XP cost of Balancer's 'Life Mirror' from 450 -> 500
  • Spidest now gain +3 defenses in RUIN mode instead of +30 Max HP


  •  Increased animation speed of Lifeshards
  • Enemy passive 'Setae Aura' now only plays an animation when it hits a target
  • Character-change keybinds now function normally when holding an item instead of giving the item
  • Closing the journal after 'Look'ing with a controller now automatically re-enters 'Look' mode
  • Controllers can now scroll crew inventory lists
  • Improved keybinds for controllers! This ONLY takes effect for new installs or if you reset to Default keybinds.
    • Changed default controller keybind for 'Look' from (LB) -> Left Stick / Right Stick
    • Changed default controller keybind for 'Command Select' from (Y) -> (LT)
    • Changed default controller keybind for 'Ability Select' from (LT) -> (Y)
    • Changed default controller keybind for 'Crew Inventory' from (LB) -> Start
    • Added default controller keybind for 'Prev Party Member' to (LB)
    • Added default controller keybind for 'Next Party Member' to (RB)
  • Fixed visible debug messages when scrolling menus with a controller
  • Reeve now warns about the endgame point of no return even if she is not in the party
  • Fixed 'Victory' message occasionally getting stuck off-center
  • Fixed ships getting stuck in static pose after being damaged in the overworld
  • Fixed neutral fleets occasionally spawning at certain remote ports and getting stuck there
  • Fixed investments in enemy ever-loyal ports granting favor with your nation
  • Sealed Chests can no longer be pushed
  • Crew can no longer be rearranged on the fleet window while they are incapacitated
  • Searth now shows that it has 2 trainers in its map tooltip (new games only)


  • Landing Party max UI now reflects any globalVar 'partySizeMod' changes
  • Items that no longer exist because their source mod was disabled now become 'Junk'.
  • Fixed crash when applying permanent effects to Actors using mod-defined ActorValues
  • Added SpawnData.extraSpawnDataMins, SpawnData.extraSpawnDataMaxes, SpawnData.extraSpawnDataChances, and SpawnData.spawnExtraSpawnDataInOrder
  • Added SpawnData.forbiddenAbilities to prevent specified abilites or passives
  • Added SpawnData.forcedSupportAbilities to equip specified passives
  • Added formulas 'm:enemyPower' and 'm:partyVsEnemyPower'
  • Added SetPiece.canBeRotated, SetPiece.canBeFlippedX and SetPiece.canBeFlippedY
  • Added ItemType.defaultQuantity and ItemType.defaultQuantity_rand
  • Added support for 'cloneFrom' for SetPieces
  • Added Task 'travel_procedural_point'
  • ItemType.drawSprite now works properly
  • TerrainType.canJumpOverFromAngle is now a list and can include multiple values
  • TerrainType 'caveWallLedgeN' can now be jumped across from the left or right
  • Added Action.canExceedMaxRankBy property (defaults to 0)
  • Ability Tablets are automatically generated for mod abilities, but will not exceed max rank unless Action.canExceedMaxRankBy is set to 1 or more.
  • Added ActorValue 'star' which grants +magnitude Stars to the current primary class
  • 'resetloc' no longer resets ALL locations when no location ID is specified.
  • 'resetlocations' is the new console command for resetting ALL locations.

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