Version 1.4.1: Bugfixes & Rage

Bugfixes ahoy! Along with improvements to Berserker's Rage, Bat Handler's Zoarnado, and various cannons.


  • Berserker's 'Rage' can now be ranked up twice, each rank granting +1 more Physical Attack

  • Cafes at player-established ports now spawn the same hires as the port the cafe's recipe is from
  • Crew inventory now always shows Landing Party members first
  • Faction fleets are no longer guaranteed to respawn every day while below the standard amount of fleets
  • Pirate fleets now only spawn on Rounsdays


  • Each hit of Bat Handler's 'Zoarnado' now ignores 25% of Physical Defense
  • Harpoon, Freeze Cannon, and Cyclone Blaster damage increased from 3 -> 4
  • Ram damage increased from 8 -> 9
  • Mythril Ram damage increased from 12 -> 14
  • Chain Shot damage increased from 2 -> 3


  • Incapped crew are now revived when dismissed at a Cafe
  • Fixed moving items to/from allies' inventories during combat not consuming your action for the turn
  • Fixed Ability Tablet sprites not drawing correctly when viewed in list mode
  • Fixed softlock if you resize the game window as combat is starting
  • Fixed crash when selling trade goods to fleets
  • Fixed rare "No supported FNA3D driver found" crash
  • Fixed being unable to 'Look' at items after acting in combat
  • Fixed being able to get yourself stuck in storage room of final dungeon
  • Fixed Seaslither ship appearing above the horizon on the main menu
  • Fixed being able to push any stunned character by double-clicking them
  • XP-to-Star conversion will no longer work on two characters occupying the same spot


  • TerrainTypes can now use textures other than terrain.png
  • Added new button in the TerrainType editor that copies the current type's data to the clipboard
  • Fixed 'fill' cursor not showing
  • Added Faction properties maximumFleets_merchant, maximumFleets_battle, spawnChance_merchant_min, spawnChance_merchant_max, spawnChance_battle_min, spawnChance_battle_max
  • Added movementType.teleport2 which has no minRange or coneAngle restriction
  • While global variable "disableStash" is set to 1, it disables Stash/Cargo

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