Version 1.4.21: New Balancer passive, and other balance changes!



  • New Balancer passive 'Quick Cast'
  • Hovering over an item (such as a Megabomb) in the timeline now shows the tiles its action will affect


  • Flails no longer bypass 10% Physical Defense
  • Whip weakness against Physical Defense increased from 10% -> 20%
  • Swashbuckler's 'Mug' damage increased from 90% -> 120% when successful
  • Minstrel's 'Virelai' MP cost reduced from 6 -> 4 and cast time reduced from 20 -> 15
  • Scholar's 'Flame', 'Bolt', and 'Frost' Magic Attack and Skill scaling reduced from 1:1 -> 1:0.8
  • Scholar's 'Gust' base damage reduced by 1
  • Sorcerer's 'Shock Bolts' Magic Attack and Skill scaling reduced from 1:1 -> 1:0.8
  • Elementalist's 'Freeze' base damage increased by +2
  • Elementalist's 'Freeze' base duration reduced by 8, and rank up duration bonus reduced from 10 -> 8
  • Elementalist's 'Freeze' now gives back 12 MP if used to create a block of ice
  • Elementalist's 'Condensate' Magic Attack and Skill scaling reduced from 1:1 -> 1:0.8
  • Ignis Knight's 'Burning Wave' Magic Attack and Skill scaling reduced from 1:1 -> 1:0.8
  • Krakenslayer's 'Jump Strike' MP cost increased from 6 -> 8
  • Sharpshooter's 'Multishot' MP cost increased from 1 -> 2
  • Breaker's 'Break Arms' weapon damage duration scaling reduced from 150% -> 100%
  • Breaker's 'Break Legs' rank duration bonus reduced from 20 -> 15 Blade's 'Tempest' passive damage increased from 15% -> 20%
  • Shiftcloak's 'Melee Momentum' passive damage increased from +2% -> +3% per tile
  • Dart Bandolier damage increased from 80% -> 90% and Dodge increased from 3% -> 6%
  • Reduced XP cost of Balancer's 'Geomancy' from 500 -> 300
  • Increased combat fame gain from fighting fleets
  • Slightly increased spawn chance of random minor overworld loot


  • Reeve's warning about duplicate cannons no longer occurs when you equip duplicate non-cannon ship gear
  • Fixed fleets that you flee from appearing in future naval combats if you don't visit a location between the two fights
  • Shock Bolts are now correctly classified as 'ranged' attacks
  • Salvage Station Cleever can no longer use Sharpshooter's 'Farshot' ability
  • Fixed crash from too many hires spawning in the cafe
  • Fixed Pummel not able to get a 6th punch with an Ability Tablet equipped Fixed Zoar Bats staying on ships after boarding ends and turning invisible
  • Changes to max Time to Act (such as equipping Swiftness using Adaptability) are now properly updated during combat
  • Fixed climbing ropes in combat occasionally causing the character to jump all the way up or down the rope


  • Actions now support cloneFrom
  • Action properties 'mpCost', 'chargeTime', and 'cooldown' are now Formulas (but they cannot reference target actor values)
  • Added 'mpCostMult', 'mpCostMod', 'chargeTimeMult', 'chargeTimeMod', 'mpCostMult_onlyWithCT', 'mpCostMod_onlyWithCT', 'chargeTimeMult_onlyWithMP', and 'chargeTimeMod_onlyWithMP'
  • GlobalFormulas Added 'listav' console command that lists ActorValues, or shows detailed info for specified AV
  • 'listfx' console command can now display more detailed info for specific FX
  • Ctrl+C now copies output text in console mode (such as text generated by listav)
  • Fixed issues with characters that had a support ability from a disabled mod

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