Version 1.4.3: Player port tweaks & bugfixes

A small set of balance & bug fixes this time, with minor tweaks to several abilities and an overall increase to the earnings of player-established ports.


  • Defiler's 'Absorb Aura' MP drain increased from 3 -> 5
  • Gatekeeper's 'Realmsense' now also grants +5% Resistance
  •  Swashbuckler's 'Bolt Balestra' MP cost decreased from 5 -> 4
  • Shiftcloak's 'Shift Stab' MP cost increased from 0 -> 1
  • Increased player-established port daily base vendor $ from 5 -> 6
  • Increased player-established port daily vendor $ per XP from 1:2500 -> 1:2000
  • Increased player-established port daily XP gain from +0.5 -> +1
  • Increased player-established training ground daily XP gain bonus from +2.5 -> +3
  • Final floor of Ahlvarza now spawns fewer enemies until your first win Investigator port investment info cost reduced from $800 -> $500
  • Investigator fleet position info cost reduced from $500 -> $300
  • Investigator trade demands info cost reduced from $300 -> $200
  • Item Stores at player-established ports now unlock a single Ability Crest when all port buildings are complete (NOTE: only for player ports established after this patch)
  • Enemies no longer uses Mug


  • Window maximize state is now remembered and applied on startup
  • Fixed weather being cleared when entering fleet combat
  • Fixed selector when bringing up movement via keys/buttons being inconsistent sometimes
  • Fixed crash on mousing over certain action icons in combat timeline
  • Fixed dialog window for certain investigator dialog being too small
  • Disabled Alt+Enter fullscreen toggle, as it was causing issues & bugs


  • Added support for GlobalAoE mod type
  • ActorType.movementType can now specify a GlobalAoE ID to use
  • Added formula 'm:cMinCrew'


  • Fixed bug where Aphest's movement trait would be applied to non-Aphest when scrolling past Aphest during character creation
  • (Modding) Fixed Faction mods not working

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