Version 1.4.5: Megarays, mod UI, ZoneMerge

Fairly standard patch today - some tweaks to sea monsters, crash fixes, and a handful of modding improvements. Rays are now a little more forgiving when you've just started out, and Amnitorsk hunting is much more lucrative.

The build mode interface is now a little nicer, and ZoneMerge is a new tool to play with that allows mods to make changes to the overworld or existing ports and dungeons.


  • Warden's 'Barrier' duration reduced from 80t -> 70t
  • Most Megaray encounters now only have 1 Megaray until the player gains 50+ fame or defeats some Megarays
  • Ray Oil value increased from $16 -> $22
  • Massive Gem value reduced from $5000 -> $2500
  • Amnitorsk Crystals now turn into a Massive Gem ($2500) instead of a Huge Gem ($1000) when broken


  • 'Sealed Door' is now added to your journal even when using the 'Skip Intro' option
  • Fixed crash with certain sequence of events glitching AI calculations during boarding
  • Fixed crash when investing beyond 90% in Wraele
  • Fixed Mythril Greatsword only having 1 augment slot
  • Fixed postgame dialog sometimes triggering without beating the final dungeon
  • Fixed crash if your ship sinks from lightning in the overworld


  • Improved readability of Build mode windows

  • Fixed AvAffecter actorValue 'task' not working
  • Added m:casterIsTarget and m:casterIsntTarget
  • World time can now advance when not in a boat by setting the globalVar "worldTimeOnFootMult"
  • Added new mod type "[ZoneMerge]", which can add a small chunk to a pre-existing zone!
      • Uses the same format as [Zone] but with the additional properties "mergeWith", "X", and "Y".
      • There is an example ZoneMerge in the ModSamples folder that adds a boat to port1.
      • Applies once for any save that enters the zone, even saves that have already been in that zone.
        • Is applied the next time the player enters the zone (not including loading a save).
        • ZONEMERGES OVERWRITE EXISTING ITEMS! Be careful that it doesn't overwrite important things.
        • Once applied, it sets the globalVar zoneID + "_merged" (ex:myModZone_merged) to 1 as a way to remember not to reapply the same merge ID to that save file.

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