Version 1.4.6: Ship research!

More player-established port tweaks and improvements! Player-built Shipwrights now let you research any ship type (for a fee). There are also some fun shield changes and a new slightly-less-easily-cheesed Salvage Station layout.


  • You can now research ship types at player-established Shipwrights!
    • By disassembling a ship and paying its full value, you can learn how to build new ships of that type.
  • Player-established ports now have occasional generic NPC visitors to chat with
  • Fang Shield now inflicts mild poison to adjacent Blocked attackers
  • Electro Shield now inflicts light electric damage to adjacent Blocked attackers
  • Tall Grass now grants +20% Dodge to anyone standing in it
  • Reworked Salvage Station layout (NOTE: only applies to games that have not yet visited the Salvage Station!)
    • Enemies start farther away and spawn in smaller amounts during initial waves
    • Newly spawned enemies are positioned to be harder to immediately push off the platform
  • Added "Total Stars Spent" indicator to top right of Class Window


  • Increased cargo of Full-rigged from 120 -> 130
  • Increased value of Glacier from 35500 -> 40000
  • Increased value of Blackwing Galleass from 36000 -> 40000
  • Reduced value of Stormcutter from 52000 -> 38000
  • Shellworm Shield Dodge increased from 16% -> 18%
  • Increased amount of Ray Oil recieved from larger/harder Megaray encounters by ~40%


  • Fixed being unable to gain XP after reaching postgame*
  • Added journal entry for Tall Grass
  • Made "CAN'T REACH" message show more consistently
  • Pressing the class select buttons twice now properly clears class selection mode


  • Added Location.discoverable_fReq
  • Added fReq field to individual TriggerEffects
  • Improved build mode text field right-click dropdown list behavior & appearance
  • Added ItemType special property 'applyAVEffectsToTile', which makes ItemEffect apply to any actor standing on the item
  • <locName=locationID> now displays the name of the specified Location
  • Added elements 'dodged' and 'blocked'
  • Added Formula calculations 'cFromSource', 'tFromSource', 'dMin'
  • FormulaGlobals now correctly override existing formulas if you refer to them using 'dMax' or 'dMin'
  • Improved Automaton sprites slightly
  • Enabled non-Steam Workshop app download option for mods

*NOTE: Postgame saves from before this patch require entering the console command "set dontAwardAfterCombat 0" to re-enable XP gain. (Press Shift and ` to bring up the console.)

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