Version 1.5: New classes: Ranger & Scourge! New postgame dungeon!

Here's a hefty patch! Two new classes, unlockable at any point (no trainers needed) and a big, difficult dungeon to tackle in the postgame.


  • Two new classes!!
    • Ranger - a Sharpshooter-Sage that applies salves & toxins to weapons.
    • Scourge - a vicious Gladiator-Rogue that specializes in debilitating whip attacks.
    • Both classes are 1st-row classes and are accessible without a trainer.
  • Added a new sprawling post-game dungeon with a stupidly hard final boss and unique items! (Found at the ruins of the final dungeon.)
  • While preparing to use an action, pressing 'Show Tooltips' (Tab) toggles through actors in the area of effect, so you can preview effects on them
  • While preparing to use an action in combat, 'Next Character' (> or RB) and 'Previous Character' (< or LB) buttons toggle through actors in the area of effect so you can preview effects on them
  • Added extra item unlocks to various ports (NOTE: applies to new games only!)
    • Added Heavy Vambraces (+2 Defense, +1 Time To Act) at Searth
    • Added 1 Golden Scabbard as 100% wealth unlock at Jascias
    • Added 1 Silver Mitts as 100% wealth unlock at Dolor
    • Added 1 Crystal Goggles as 100% wealth unlock at Runewald
    • Added 1 Shining Saber as 100% wealth unlock at Condra
    • Added Dart Bandolier as 70% & 90% wealth unlock at Ralkhome
    • Added 1 Dart Bandolier as 70% wealth unlock at Nordock
    • Added 1 Brass Dragon as 90% wealth unlock at Ash Port
    • Added 1 Hacker as 90% wealth unlock at Fantlin
    • Added 1 Aer Mantle as 80% wealth unlock at Solport
    • Fixed Solport not unlocking an Ability Crest at 100% wealth level


  • MP cost for Brawler's 'Pummel' increased from 0 -> 4
  • MP cost for Sharpshooter's 'Multishot' increased from 2 -> 4
  • MP cost for Berserker's 'Frenzy' increased from 0 -> 3
  • Ice Reaver cannon slots increased from 3 -> 4
  • Perfect Cache cargo bonus increased from 6 -> 8
  • Sailor's 'Rope' and 'Heave' are now 100% accurate
  • Tall Grass now grants +20% Dodge regardless of flanking


  • 'Crew Inventory' (Start) on controllers now automatically snaps to the left side of the screen to prevent overlap
  • Controller single-press on the current player now opens the class window (doesn't require double-press)
  • After trading, List/Grid mode for Stash now reverts to whatever it was before entering dialog
  • Controllers can now use 'End Turn' (Start) button to confirm multi-target actions without selecting all targets
  • Fixed Rasmen sometimes not getting the full evasion bonus when attacked directly from behind
  • Fixed misbehaving areas of effect for spears and greatswords with secondary effects when used with single-target abilities
  • Fixed 'Counter Push' not being affected by its user getting pushed
  • Fixed AI thinking it can push allies out of attacks that always hit all characters
  • Fixed Scout's 'Trip Up' & Rogue's 'Gouge' FX delay causing secondary effects to miss when used with pushes/pulls
  • Fixed Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind Enchant FX delay causing them to miss when used with pushes/pulls
  • Fixed Preserve causing game overs if the main player is KO'd and all other PCs are preserved or KO'd
  • Increased max # of effects the action evaluation window can show to 15
  • Added anti-mash protection to Timed Hits
  • Reduced lag in the final dungeon
  • Fixed repeated sound effect when an pushing an object into a wall
  • AI no longer uses Sidestep
  • Fixed Wind Imbue/Push Trigger's pushes being affected by wind resistance


  • Fixed ZoneMerge duplicating items
  • Element.combatEnd is now applied to Actors
  • Added int Action.casterAnimationLoops and string Action.queueAnotherAction
  • Added Action special.repositionIfCasterIsPushed & special.doNotApplyActionUsedToItemUsed
  • Added Formula "dsa" which evaluates a specified globalFormula if you have the specified support ability
  • Added bool ActorValue.removedByNegativeMagnitude
  • Fixed TriggerEffect.fReq not working
  • Fixed Effects with magnitude=0; being removed immediately even if they have a formulaMod
  • Fixed clicking on Location buttons on the minimap not on the overworld causing a crash

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