Version 1.5.1: Revel in bugfixes

Introducing two new classes also introduced plenty of bugs, so it's time for some fixes. Additionally, Revel's morale bonus now lasts a little over two turns instead of one.


  • Ravager's 'Revel' morale boost duration increased from 50t -> 70t
  • Ranger now also gains +1 to Spear Skill and can rank up Spear Skill
  • Bat Handler can now rank up Max HP
  • Increased Essence Stones given when skipping intro from 2 -> 4


  • Captured ships no longer disappear from the menu when trying to add them when your fleet is full
  • Controller hotkey for ending trade dialog is now displayed on screen
  • Fixed Scourge's 'Torment' being able to cure self when used an empty tile
  • Fixed certain lights not being rotated properly
  • Fixed crash when attacking empty tiles while buffed by Apply Toxin
  • Fixed crash if enemy is hit by Apply Toxin but already has every status effect and is immune to Sleep
  • Fixed being able to select unoccupiable tiles with Summon Zoar
  • Fixed Amnitorsks that board not properly initiating combat


  • Added 'setCurrentActor_partSpritesThatTakePriorityOverClass' Task
  • Fixed Location cloneFrom properties being applied to existing Locations

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