Version 1.5.2: Scourging more bugs

More fixes for more bugs! As well as some fun improvements to utility passives and some attack power for utility triggers.


  • Rogue's 'Stealth-sense' now also lets you ignore the accuracy penalty for attacking in darkness
  • Mechanist's 'Ability Scanner' now also grants +5% accuracy
  • Status triggers (such as Chill Trigger) now also deal damage like normal triggers when wielded in hand


  • Minimap can no longer get stuck offscreen when positioned/scaled in certain ways
  • Fixed crash when AI Scourges try to use Torment
  • Fixed crash when investing to 100% in Solport
  • Fixed Gharial Wrens and Tentacles sometimes failing to move and disobeying attack ranges
  • Fixed Admiral & allies still getting sneaky free turns during dialog
  • Brackets are no longer allowed in character names (it caused crashes)


  • Added ItemType.special.enhanceSlots_5 through 8
  • ItemType.special.lockedContainer now prevents player augmenting

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Jun 22, 2021

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