Version 1.5.3: Interface items

A few more fixes along with some convenience features for sailing. Having the Guide Chrysolit or Pocketwatch anywhere in your possession (in the Stash or held by crew) will add their info to the UI.


  • World map now displays Latitude/Longitude if you have a Guide Chrysolit
  • Day icon tooltip now displays exact time if you have a Pocketwatch
  • Increased Gust/Gale/Loot overworld spawns by ~5%
  • Increased Lightning spawns during storms by 40%


  • Fixed statuses from Blindfold and Gag being removed when KO'd
  • Fixed Shift+Click auto-stash shortcut deleting items if your stash/cargo is completely full
  • Fixed toggling overworld map, exiting to main menu, then starting new game causing map glitches
  • Fixed incorrect icon in Harbor dialog for mooring 2nd ship
  • Brackets are no longer allowed in save names (it caused crashes)
  • A warning message is now displayed if you have Steam mods enabled that aren't loaded because you aren't connected to Steam
  • Error messages now mention how many mods are active


  • Added ZoneMerge.fReq
  • Added ItemReaction.quantityMod_rand
  • Fixed ActorClass.fReq not checking caster and target consistently
  • Added formula cActorType:actorTypeID and tActorType:actorTypeID


  • Fixed 'forget' Task not working (and causing Ahlvarza to not reset)
  • Bloodring now also grants +1 MagDef

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