Version 1.5.4: Minimum XP

To alleviate grinding when raising up green crew, there is now a "Minimum XP" level that increases based on your allies' XP gains! And the Breaker's 'Shatter' ability has been rebuilt to be much clearer and more consistent.



  • Breaker's 'Shatter' tooltip clarified and effects modified
    • Now deals +50% damage per broken equipment & incapacitating status effect (previously, damage varied from +40% to +90% based on which effect was inflicted)
    • Can now be ranked up once to increase damage per effect by +10%

  • Stormshot's 'Disrupt Shot' can now be ranked up once to increase range by +1
  • New 'Minimum XP' mechanic!
    • All current & future crew automatically gain up to a minimum amount of XP equal to 3% of your past XP gains + 50.
    • Example: if your party gains 10,000 XP as a Scourge, all crew will have at least 350 total Scourge XP.
    • Minimum XP is applied in existing saves for each class the next time you gain XP in that class.


  • Essence 'Gems' (specifically the large +300xp type) now grant 3 less XP per use on the same person
  • Improved rare Grove pedestal rewards
  • AI is now slightly less eager to go for KOs over other options


  • Renamed hotkey binding 'Ability Select' -> 'Ability / Item Select'
  • Fixed Guide Chrysolit not properly showing on the UI when in the overworld
  • Fixed AI undervaluing 'Revive' effects
  • Fixed AI overvaluing 'Decay' effects
  • Slightly improved AI performance
  • Fixed being able to Gate into and get trapped in a building in Slugvine Forest
  • Fixed AI fleets going into dead ends if you load saves with different world states


  • Added item quantity selector UI - activated by right clicking an item in the build mode item UI
  • Holding Ctrl-click now lets you place duplicates of held items
  • Minimum XP mechanic can be tweaked with the globalVar "minXPPercentMod"
  • Fixed ActorValue.AIValueMod discouraging AI use if a positive value is assigned to a beneficial ActorValue
  • Fixed ActorValueEffect.formulaMod not saving/loading properly

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