Version 1.5.5: Pushing bugfixes

Finally squashed some very annoying bugs! Particularly, the bug where characters can sometimes 'bounce' off hazards when pushed should now be fixed! Also important - a minor AI optimization last patch accidentally gave the AI infinite consumables. That is also fixed.



  • Fixed pushes into pits or water being unreliable at longer distances or over rough terrain
  • Fixed AI being able to use consumables infinitely
  • Static Buildup now applies to Gate, Gate: Shift, Maneuver, and Gate: Swap
  • Static Buildup and Tempest can now trigger more than once in a single turn (Ex: Dash and then Charge)
  • Items can now be pushed/pulled even if there isn't enough room for the full push distance
  • Obstacles (barrels, etc.) now deal damage when pushed into a target directly adjacent to them
  • Fixed Scourge's Torment not successfully cleansing statuses when used against targets with Critical passives
  • Fixed crash when Volskarver recharges over time mid-combat
  • Firewalker healing from electric hazards is no longer reduced by magic defenses


  • Added support for [Animation] and [Keyframe] mods
  • Added ModSamples/AnimationSample.txt
  • zStart can now be overridden by mods like any other Zone
  • Fixed FormulaGlobals not passing in targetTC, breaking certain formulas

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Sep 27, 2021

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