Version 1.5.7: Big Hand Mode

For those of you with big screens - finally you can embiggen the cursor to match! There is a new checkbox in the options menu to double cursor size.


  • Added "Double Cursor Size" option
  • Items dropped during boarding are now found as loot after battle no matter what happened to the ship it was on (sunk, captured, etc.)
  • Luss now sells more Launch Buoys (new games only!)
  • (Modding) Right before entering ports, DialogNodeOverrides for "tryEnterPort" are now checked
  • (Modding) Ctrl+Z in build mode now undoes only one terrain change, unless you hold the key for >0.65s.
  • (Modding) Fixed crash when applying SpawnData via a SpecialSpawn

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Dec 20, 2021

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