Version 1.5.81: Ability & economy tweaks

Time for the first patch of 2022! Alongside minor tweaks to Shiftcloak and Sage abilities, there are some subtle but impactful changes to trade.

Maxing out a port's Wealth Level to 100% is now cheaper - in fact, it will take $10,000 less per port. However, repeated trade trips to the same destination in a short time are now less lucrative - port Market Rate recovers much more slowly now. (Remember, Market Rate recovery speed is based on a port's Wealth Level and the Wealth Level of nearby allied ports!)


  • Sage's 'Growth' cast time reduced from 8 -> 7
  • Sage's 'Dispel' cast time reduced from 8 -> 7
  • Enchanter's 'Counter Enchant' duration now properly scales from both Skill and Magic Attack
  • Shiftcloak's 'Whirl' no longer bypasses half Magic Defense
  • Shiftcloak's 'Distracting Aura' now triggers on the start AND end of your turn

  • Port Wealth Level is no longer twice as expensive to increase past 90% when investing
  • Greatly reduced daily Market Rate recovery from 0.5 -> 0.15
  • Salvage Lost Cargo job total fame requirement increased from 500 -> 1000
  • Salvage Lost Cargo job base reward increased from $1250 -> $1500
  • Improved average loot quality of certain Grove shrines
  • Changed visual style of Invisible status
  • You can no longer request royal ship escorts while you already have one
  • You can now dismiss royal ship escorts when requesting a boon
  • Royal ship escorts now turn on you if you attack your own faction
  • Arena fighters no longer lose bonus ability ranks or passives from RUIN mode when joining you
  • Arena fighters in earlier rounds no longer can learn Break Weapon or Break Armor
  • Moved Elite Arena final round spawn spot 1 tile further away so 1st enemy round is less brutal
  • Made drake's fire breath look a little bit cooler


  • Fixed ship movement cannon previews incorrectly being blocked by caster's current position
  • Fixed Junk items occasionally showing up in 3rd-level monster dens
  • Fixed Growth Trigger not growing plants
  • Fixed being able to teleport out of the arena between fights
  • Moved arena triggers so you can't sneakily climb into them using Lattice Weeds
  • Fixed crash if you try to sell an "empty" item by crafting while trading
  • Added error detection/retry for rare grove generation corruption bug
  • Fixed Market Rate displaying as less than 50% during trading
  • Fixed controller cursor showing up when jumping over obstacles in combat
  • Fixed time bonus on Sailor's 'Smellingsalts' showing even at rank 1
  • Fixed 1/5 cafe visitors to player-owned ports being speechless
  • Cleaned up some dirt in Jasce's throne room


  • Added Actor.useAIevenWhenControllable (probably will be buggy)
  • Added new formula "m:locIsPort" that returns 1 if the nearest or current Location is a port.
  • Fixed crash when using "m:locWealth" or "m:favorWithLoc" when not near a port.
  • "addTalkerToParty_temp" now retains RUIN Passives and ability ranks if in RUIN mode

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Jan 04, 2022

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