Version 1.5.83: Deploying improvements

More fixes, better conveyor belts, and a new Glow Dart item just for fun.


  • Added 'Glow Dart' item made from Gloam Shroom Chunk and Dart
  • Toxic Powder can now be made from Bone Dust and Slugvine
  • Mechanist's 'Deploy Conveyor' can now be laid under a target and pushes 1 tile when first deployed


  • Final round of the Arena now spawns 3 top tier, 1 mid tier, and 1 low tier enemy instead of 5 top tier enemies (also applies to Elite Arena)
  • Improved loot of 4th+ wave of Salvager Station
  • Ice Block duration reduced from 1000t -> 400t
  • Launch Buoy price reduced from $9999 -> $8000


  • You can now always reach items/objects that are 1 tile diagonally from you
  • 'Summon Zoar' area of effect now more reliably targets tiles Zoar can occupy
  • Fixed Market Rate resetting to 100% if a trade would bring it from above 100% to lower than 100%
  • Fixed trade goods sold by fleets being 50% cheaper than intended
  • Fixed Blunderbuss applying bonus center damage to every tile with certain weapon-based abilities
  • Fixed Blunderbuss being able to select the same target more than once with Multishot
  • Fixed Heavenpiercer boosting enemy morale when used with certain weapon-based abilities
  • Fixed items duplicating when an item is left on your ship and you fight multiple naval battles before repairing
  • Fixed Instant Aid status staying active indefinitely if you flee combat
  • Fixed Shroud's Blind being marked as Ruin element
  • Fixed Arena allies not having abilities if you fight in the arena multiple times per session and happen to add an ally with the same ID as before

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Jan 11, 2022

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