Version 1.5.85: Salvage Station

When you've completely mastered the Salvage Station, it can get a little dull and easy... so now it will ramp up to a bigger challenge and give better loot! After wave 4, you'll only find valuable gems or rare items, but good luck making it past wave 6...!


  • Salvage Station now spawns extra strong, slow Cleever after wave 6
  • Salvage Station wave 4+ loot improved
  • Sharpshooter's 'Piercing Shot' now applies augments & enchants to the furthest target
  • Ravager's 'Destroy' MP cost reduced from 5 -> 3
  • Spell Archon's 'Wind Imbue' MP cost increased from 6 -> 9
  • Increased Hacker damage from 7 -> 8
  • Reduced Silver Shovel cost from $7000 -> $1500
  • Searth now sells more consumables at 90% and Chain of Command at 100% wealth level (new games only!)
  • Runewald now sells The Icepick at 90% wealth level (new games only!)
  • Port Alphe now sells Twain Axe at 100% wealth level (new games only!)


  • Fixed pushes from certain angles not working
  • Fixed Warpblade's 'Gate: Onslaught' not dealing Physical damage, and improved its FX
  • Improved Swashbuckler's 'Sweeping Strikes' FX
  • Fixed Shiftcloak's 'Backstep Shot' lacking sound effects
  • Fixed Backblaster not inflicting self-damage correctly when used with certain abilities
  • Fixed Hacker not increasing Axe Skill correctly when used with abilities
  • Fixed delay if killed by a counter attack while using Double Tap
  • Fixed friendly NPCs in town rarely taking fall damage and starting combat
  • Fixed crash when spreading Viral through a target that is disappearing
  • Fixed being unable to bind R3 (Right Joystick)
  • Fixed Negate's damage protection being affected by Lifebead Necklace and Essence Converter
  • Fixed Revive not curing Poison
  • Fixed Burst Pod Rakthol not exploding if stunned
  • Fixed Market Rate not being shown on map for player-owned ports
  • Fixed fleet cargo sometimes being different when trading vs. looting after combat
  • Fixed controller actor inventory auto-opening too soon
  • Made certain postgame dungeon enemy more likely to use alternate attacks
  • Made certain postgame ultraboss unable to harm certain allies with their big attack
  • Attempted fix for rare actTimer bug at the start of Salvage Station combat
  • Fixed Training Grounds trainer not having a 'Goodbye' option
  • Fixed typo in Scourge's Rivalry passive description
  • AI now accounts for priority rating when comparing value of KO'ing a target
  • AI now does not expect to KO a Negate'd target
  • Minor AI optimizations


  • Increased max number of journal goals to 18
  • Fixed not being able to override existing ActorPrefabs
  • Added new palettes p87 - p107 for mods to use

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Feb 10, 2022

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