Version 1.5.87: Niche tweaks

1.5.87 brings balance tweaks to a variety of rather niche and rarely-used abilities, ship equipment, and accessories. In addition, there are some minor economy changes and some of the rarer bugs are fixed.


  • Krakenslayer's 'Static' base damage increased by +1
  • Ravager's 'Destroy' max rank increased from 3 -> 4, early XP costs reduced
  • Anti-Boarding Net boarding duration reduction increased from 25% -> 30%
  • Absorbent Mesh damage reduction increased from 20% -> 30%
  • Thaw Ring now also halves Wet duration
  • Sharp Ring now also halves Disable duration
  • Lil' Buster power increased from 9 -> 10
  • Reduced minimum Market Rate from 50% -> 20%
  • Increased base daily $ earned per vendor in player port from 6 -> 9
  • Increased Salvage job reward base from 1500 -> 1800


  • Fixed possible slope setup that causes infinite fall loop in one of the Ahlvarza set pieces
  • Fixed Critical Destroy not gaining extra range from ranks in Destroy
  • Fixed info tooltips not showing during Formation phase
  • Fixed non-combatants joining combat as unstoppable gods if settings are altered during combat
  • Added extra null checks to hoverAction_showTiles
  • Fixed roof screen darken effect being slower in large zones
  • Minor optimization of procgen zone creation
  • Fixed rare crash when interacting with a fleet with corrupted fleet data


  • Added formula prefixes 'lessThan', 'moreThan', 'is', 'isNot'
  • Added formula prefixes 'abs', 'floor', 'not'
  • Added formula prefix 'swapCasterTarget'
  • FXData and drawOrderFX now support cloneFrom
  • ElementReaction now accepts "actorValue" in addition to "actorValues"
  • DialogOption now accepts "fReq" in addition to "formulaReq"
  • Prevented crash if a mod that adds a sea monster encounter is uninstalled
  • Added gIsGreaterThan, cIsMoreThan, and tIsMoreThan as aliases for existing formulas

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Jul 23, 2022

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