Alvora v1.07 Patch Notes

Big patch this time, with multiple sections! Also included are changes from 1.0.6, which did not get brought over to until now, for reasons. Here are the notes for 1.0.6.


  • Added indicators of what path you'll take during movement
  • Facing arrows now highlight on mouseover
  • Reorganized Skill stats on the character stats window
  • Added journal entries for status effects
  • Added slight pulse effect on selecting a tile for attacking or moving
  • Damage numbers are bigger and flashier when dealing high damage
  • Added extra shake to 'getting hit' animation
  • Zyla now have visible shoulder spines
  • Newly encountered Aphest, Crub, Wilderi, and Vinemen now have unique arm sprites that show under their class gear. (Pre-existing ones will keep their current arms.)
  • In-depth item descriptions now always show for items on the ground when using a controller
  • Fixed display issues with portraits of incapped characters
  • Fixed flickering of character portraits in the save menu


  • Berserker's 'Frenzy' MP cost decreased from 1 to 0
  • Breaker's 'Quake' MP cost increased from 2 to 3
  • Guardian's 'Rally' MP cost increased from 0 to 1
  • Blade's 'Flash Cut' damage increased from 60% to 70%
  • Fixed Blade's 'Double-Edge' self-damage using an incorrect formula that inflicted too much self-damage
  • Made Brawler's 'Thousand Fists' passive compatible with punch daggers
  • Breaker's 'Break Arms' duration reduced by 15@
  • Shiftcloak's 'Shift Stab' now does +20% damage
  • 'Chilled' and 'Frozen' status now amplify Ice damage by 1.3x instead of 1.1x


  • Sorcerer's 'Fire Whirl' can now be summoned on top of regular fire
  • 'Burn' status no longer lights ground underneath you on fire
  • Lifebead Necklace fixed to only increase healing received instead of all positive effects
  • Fixed most buffs and cooldowns getting removed at the start of combat
  • Fixed AI using buffs on themselves that they are immune to
  • Fixed unintended path to a previous boss battle showing up rarely in one of the final areas
  • Timed items (ex: Lit Bomb) no longer reset their timer when you leave the zone
  • The gamepad now only requires 1 button press to loot bodies
  • Now you can look at character stats in combat after acting when using the gamepad
  • Fixed renaming saves not working

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