Alvora v1.09 Patch Notes

New patch, this time with some economy changes alongside the bugfixes and balance changes.


  • Minor tooltip fixes.
  • Reduced price of Mythril items from 200 -> 125.
  • All items sold by Lorim are now discounted 50%.
  • Fixed Rasmen flanking evasion bonus not working.
  • Brawler's 'Thousand Fists' now works when completely unarmed.
  • Mechanist devices now initiate combat when you throw one within explosion range of an enemy
  • Scout's 'Throw Stone' now uses your highest ranged skill instead of adding both together.
  • Defiler's 'Brainshock' Disable duration reduced by 6.
  • Fixed Zyla face #5 texture not loading.
  • Disabled AI use of 'Drain' due to buggy behavior.
  • Prevent double autosaving when moving between areas in town. (New games only.)

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