Alvora v1.05 Patch Notes

New patch, this time lots of bugfixes, some minor visual improvements, and additional refinement of controller support.


  • Critical Destroy no longer triggers on death
  • Screen now goes to 2x scale at resolution width of 960 instead of at 900
  • Fixed bug where having Keyboard Control enabled would prevent text input fields from working
  • Improved navigation around corners and 1-tile-wide tunnels
  • Fixed camera positioning bug.
  • Gavin can now recruit races that are unlocked after beating the game
  • Fixed Viral rarely inflicting permanent status effects
  • Added minor animation and sound to opening most menus and windows
  • Fixed crash when setting both Music and Master volume to maximum
  • Added volume sliders
  • Added sound effect on selecting a target tile
  • Support abilities that add attack effects (ex: Thousand Fists) now show their icon in the action evaluation window
  • Improved Unmaker's 'Drain' visual effects
  • Controller bindings now show instead of keyboard hotkeys when using a controller
  • Mouse no longer highlights objects when using a controller
  • Tutorial dialog now gives gamepad-specific instructions when using a controller

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