Alvora v1.04a Patch Notes

More bugfixes, and a big change this time - controller support! This has taken me a while to put together, and it's not 100% complete. There are some minor issues listed after the patch notes, but I wanted to get it out there and get some testing done on it. Let me know how it works for you!

Version 1.0.4a

  • Added 'BETA' controller support! It's a little rough around the edges, but you should be able to play the entire game with just a controller now. Feedback and bug reports welcome!
  • Added "Keyboard Control" option. When enabled, uses keyboard-specific methods of control so you can theoretically play the entire game with only the keyboard.
  • Modified default keybinds to remove some awkward overlap (Ex: Space as both Confirm and End Turn)
  • Improved keyboard tile selection (can now reach any tile with WASD)
  • The AoE & icon of upcoming actions now show on the battlefield while selecting movement
  • Fixed hardcore mode autosaving during zone transitions to handcrafted side areas
  • Fixed Preserve so it actually works (something in v1.03 broke it)
  • Amnitorsk is less overprotective of its gem
  • Reduced Skill-based scaling of duration of Brainshock & Wither
  • Fixed edge cases where Zoar Bat could still eliminate party members when disappearing
  • Passives can now only trigger once per turn/ability
  • Nerfed turtles
  • Increased Spidest resistance to debilitating status effects
  • Fixed crash when advancing certain dialog using Spacebar
  • Fixed rare case where status effects stay permanently


  • Prompts, hints, and tutorials do not show Gamepad keybindings.
  • Can't select dialog options while Buying/Selling. 
  • Can't delete saves without using the mouse.
  • Picking up a corpse with the gamepad counts as a combat action even if you don't move it.

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