Alvora v1.01 Patch Notes

Time for Alvora's first patch! Lots and lots of bugfixes, balance changes, and a little bit of new content. Here's the changelog:

Version 1.01

  • Added merchant that appears in the tavern after reaching a certain area
  • Can now recruit Zyla from Gavin
  • Teamwork II upgrade now has additional conditions that can cause it to become available
  • Modified Stats screen to count runs correctly (old saves may have inaccurate info)
  • Reduced duration increase per rank of Brave, Rally, Growth, and Ward
  • Reduced Gate: Trick range by 1
  • Increased Gate: Onslaught MP cost and charge time by 2
  • Reduced Gate: Slam, Gate: Swap, and Gate: Barrage MP cost
  • Obstacles pushed into the edge of the zone now disappear, preventing travel bugs
  • Fixed humans racial trait (+10% XP) not working
  • Fixed crash when teaching abilities to a new recruit that's never been added to the party
  • Fixed hang when a Preserved character is KO'd by a Counter
  • Fixed Blade's Perfect Strike final rank costing 0 XP
  • Now only 5 Mechanist bombs can be deployed at a time outside of combat
  • Fixed not being able to sell from inside bags
  • Score screen now accounts for items inside bags
  • Greatsword and Spear weapon augment effects now only apply to a single tile
  • Augmented Greatswords and Spears now work correctly with Gate: Trick
  • Save window minor improvements
  • Other minor bugfixes & improvements

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