Alvora v1.03a Patch Notes

A bit delayed, but here is a slightly updated version of patch v1.03 that hit Steam last week! An important save corruption bug was fixed. If you load a previously corrupted save, it should now work just fine.

Version 1.03a

  • Fixed crashes / save corruption caused by certain items in the town stash
  • Fixed Krask journal entry not showing when looked at
  • Prayer has higher base MP recovery but greatly reduced Skill & Magic Attack scaling
  • Life Mirror now only reflects HALF your Life skill
  • Critical passives (such as Critical Recovery, Critical Preserve, etc.) no longer happen when the user is unable to act (Stunned, Disabled, etc.)
  • Gemhides can no longer flee while Silenced
  • Burning Wave range reduced by 1
  • Amnitorsk is more protective of its gem
  • Gate: Onslaught now deals 80% weapon damage instead of 100%
  • Zoar Bats that fade out can no longer take your party members with them if you happen to be walking through them at that exact moment
  • Modified default keybinds to remove some awkward overlap (Ex: Space as both Confirm and End Turn)
  • Improved keyboard tile selection (can now reach any tile with WASD)

The last two changes are part of an upcoming update to provide full keyboard & controller support. Let me know if the controls are acting wonky in the meantime!

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