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Alvora Tactics

Explore the remains of the serpent Alvora in TRPG combat! · By Rad Codex


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Alvora v1.09 Patch Notes
New patch, this time with some economy changes alongside the bugfixes and balance changes. 1.0.9 Minor tooltip fixes. Reduced price of Mythril items from 200 ->...
Alvora v1.08 Patch Notes
Some basic fixes, including fixing a rare, longstanding UI quickslot bug. 1.0.8 Fixed rare instance of duplicate abilities being added to the quickslot bar. Fi...
Alvora v1.07 Patch Notes
Big patch this time, with multiple sections! Also included are changes from 1.0.6, which did not get brought over to until now, for reasons. Here are th...
Alvora v1.05 Patch Notes
New patch, this time lots of bugfixes, some minor visual improvements, and additional refinement of controller support. 1.0.5 Critical Destroy no longer trigger...
Alvora v1.04a Patch Notes
More bugfixes, and a big change this time - controller support! This has taken me a while to put together, and it's not 100% complete. There are some minor issu...
Alvora v1.03a Patch Notes
A bit delayed, but here is a slightly updated version of patch v1.03 that hit Steam last week! An important save corruption bug was fixed. If you load a previou...
Alvora v1.02 Patch Notes
Another patch for some important fixes! This version is already live on Steam as well. Version 1.02 Fixed starting a new game resetting to default difficulty se...
Alvora v1.01 Patch Notes
Time for Alvora's first patch! Lots and lots of bugfixes, balance changes, and a little bit of new content. Here's the changelog: Version 1.01 Added merchant th...